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Garry Oker & The Doig River Drummers

Saturday - July 22

Garry Oker & The Doig River Drummers

Our Doig River Drummers and Dreamers are very important to our community and to other Dane-zaa bands. They perform at memorial Dreamers’ Dances, and at community events.

Naache (Dreamers) are Dane-zaa people who travel to heaven in their dreams and bring back songs. The songs provide teachings, visions and prophecies from the creator. The dreamers share these songs with our people to guide us through life on earth. Most of our Dreamers gained their abilities only after dying and coming back to life; like the swans, Dreamers can fly to heaven and return to earth.

Our Dreamers are sometimes referred to in English as prophets, because of their ability to see into the future and predict events. In their dreams, our prophets see the ways in which our people should behave among one another as well as towards the game animals upon which we depend.

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