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Simon Kaos

Friday - July 21

Simon Kaos

We are honored to be presenting Simon Kaos , sharing the stage with Canadian Rock Legend , Randy Bachman, Friday evening of the festival.

The original SIMON KAOS is Darcy D, Craig Brooks , Brian Poulsen, Rick Slavik, Andy Lorimer. One of Canada's top touring bands for many years in the 80's, filling clubs all over Canada, putting on epic concert style shows that had the crowds in awe.

Formed in Fort St John , this band worked very hard on their craft, which took them to the big city of Vancouver , where they clearly stood out as the top rock act in the country. The band performed all the legendary rooms in Vancouver like the Metro/Outlaws, where they would often find members of bands on stadium tours at their shows. With the likes of members of AC/DC, Aerosmith, Loverboy, Bon Jovi and more.

Simon Kaos had the respect of the prestigious Vancouver music scene at that time; so much in fact that Darcy and Andy were asked to join one of Canada's top supergroups PRISM. The rest of the band has stayed active in the music business to this day. Craig Brooks is an active singer/ songwriter who is a staple in Fort St John and has performed in such venues as the prestigious Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. People will be coming from miles around to see the historic reunion.

We are honored to be able to present Simon Kaos on the mainstage this year, another must see event!

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